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Workers’ Compensation Claims Defense

The workers’ compensation system was conceived as a way to provide medical and disability benefits to injured workers without regard to fault while striving for fairness to employers. However, as the law and the system have evolved, employers and their insurance companies are often at a disadvantage and require assertive and strong legal representation to protect their  interests.

Providing Exemplary Representation

The Law Offices of Friedman and Bartoumian, defends all aspects of workers’ compensation claims, as well as discrimination claims under California Labor Code Section 132a and claims for serious and willful misconduct.

We provide our clients with estimates of exposure for the purpose of establishing reserves and allotting resources in a manner consistent with need. We make recommendations for the swift and successful resolution of claims where possible and the strong defense of cases where trial is necessary.

Our highly reputable attorneys regularly make appearances at all Workers’ Compensation Appeals Boards throughout the State of California.  We are able to service all Boards through our offices in Los Angeles and Oakland, CA.

Insurance Law

The defense of an insurance claim requires the ability to negotiate and litigate a variety of legal and factual disputes.  Prevailing as to such claims requires an aggressive defense.  You need an attorney who is  prepared to defend you in reaching an outcome that is most beneficial to your company.

Providing Exemplary Representation

Friedman & Bartoumian, provides representation to commercial line insurers, commercial and personal line insurance brokers, self-insured entities, third party claim administrators, and other insurance related firms.

The firm specializes in the defense of liability and property damage claims, the defense of claims for insurer “bad faith,” premium and deductible collection, coverage disputes, premium finance issues, and regulatory matters before the Department of Insurance for the State of California.

Additional areas of emphasis include the defense of broker malpractice claims, broker licensing and disciplinary proceedings, agency regulatory compliance, and the creation and administration of captive and self-insurance programs, risk retention groups and risk purchasing groups.

Employment and Labor Law

An employment law dispute can have long-lasting implications for any institution and its employees. Businesses and workers both benefit when people work together to end discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Providing Exemplary Representation

The Law Offices of Friedman and Bartoumian’s experienced team of attorneys and staff members provide expert advice, counseling, and liability protection for employers in numerous areas of employment law including:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) Claims
  • Wage and Hour Claims
  • Wrongful Termination and Employment Tort Claims
  • Contract Disputes

Business Litigation

With so much riding on the success of your business, you want to ensure that you are protected at every turn.  If legal action has been taken against your business or you want to pursue legal action yourself, you need an attorney who is experienced in business litigation.

Providing Exemplary Representation

The Law Offices of Friedman and Bartoumian are dedicated to assisting clients in meeting all their business goals.  We handle a variety of business disputes through litigation, including:

  •      Collecting receivables
  •      Contract Breaches
  •      Partnership disputes
  •      Lawsuits involving vendors
  •      Buy sell agreements
  •      Lost profit claims

We take a creative and cost-effective approach to the challenges your business faces.

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