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Martin King

Kaiser Permanente

“Heywood takes the time to meet with us to get a clear understanding of what our goals are. Currently focusing on closing aged and difficult claims while aggressively closing new claims in the door. He gets it and is a great partner in achieving our aggressive goals.

Rochelle Nitka

United Staffing Associates

“When our client’s employees had complex Workers’ Comp cases Heywood approached each case with a strategy to get to the bottom of things quickly and efficiently. We could count on him to take a personal interest in the case and work closely with us to resolve with the best possible outcome. I highly recommend Heywood Friedman and his team.”

Jeff Bogacki

Vice President, Excess Workers Compensation-5Star Specialty

“We have had the pleasure of retaining Mr. Friedman’s firm for a number of years and for various actions. Heywood is a skilled and knowledgeable counselor who appreciates the time certain aspects of legal action. We will continue to use his firm for most of our CA legal work.”

Ghada Young

President Platinum Reporters & Interpreters

“I recently got a compliment on Heywood from a mutual client, and it prompted me to take some time to just write a few words. 

I have always found Heywood to be extremely sharp, witty, fun, and kind. He is a blast to be around and easy to work with. In addition, he is extremely smart and knows his stuff, especially when it comes to workers’ comp. I’ve seen the “ah ha” moment in the eyes of several employers and claims professionals as they’ve presented him with their difficult cases and Heywood rendered his legal advice. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with Heywood on concerns for mutual clients and the feedback I get is always positive. His firm handles such a wide range of practice areas…they have got to be on the ball! 

I would highly recommend Friedman & Bartoumian to anyone looking to improve their legal panel or go exclusive.”

Oscar Flores

Oscar Flores Claims Consulting & Auditing

“I have worked regularly with Heywood Friedman, the managing partner of the Law Offices of Friedman & Bartoumian, over the past several years in the defense of workers’ compensation claims. As does any other skilled Risk Manager, I expect the best from defense counsel, and Heywood consistently exceeds my expectations. He achieves closures that are faster and less expensive than average, all with the highest level of professionalism. I am able to rely on him extensively, as his law firm covers each of the California WCAB venues from their offices in Northern and Southern California. I have no doubt that Heywood and his team can be a valuable resource to you. If anyone wants to talk with me about Heywood or his firm, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Robert Rice

Sargeant Insurance Agency, LLC

“Besides being a great attorney, “Woody” is a better person, friend, humanitarian. And when times get tough, he has your back!

Dan Wynn

PRG Insurance Recruiters

“Heywood has just celebrated his 30th anniversary in the business. His success is due to his commitment to his clients. The advice he provides is solid and his attorneys follow in his footsteps. He is aggressive and always has an eye on providing excellent value for his clients. He is consistent in his vocation as well as his commitment to giving back to the community.

Dee Levy

Barrett Business Services, Inc.

“The Law Offices of Friedman and Bartoumian (F&B)are Best in Class with all they do. The owners Heywood Friedman and Haik Bartoumian, along with their talented and tenured staff, bring peace of mind and deep strategic and technical expertise to the cases they handle for us. Their attention to detail, deep knowledge and experience, highly ethical standards, and unsurpassed client service speak to the long term relationship we continue to enjoy with F&B.

Cindy Rakowitz

Your CEO 4 Hire

“In addition to providing exemplary representation through Friedman Bartoumian LLP, Heywood is a brilliant philanthropist. He plays a significant role in building Fit 4 The Cause, Inc. a local non-profit organization. Understanding the value of providing fitness training and nutrition education to low-income communities, he’s now a member of the organization’s board of directors. Humanitarians are not only valued by their clients, they are valued by their community. That’s why you can count on unique, personalized service from this extraordinary attorney.